Trash Talk

Today is Earth day and what an opportune time to talk about trash. Yes the trash that we collect under our kitchen basins, in our balconies or in the tiny plastic containers in the corner of our bedrooms.  On 31st night last year, I proclaimed to my family and friends about this ambitious resolution to … Continue reading Trash Talk

Hopefully, a Annus Mirabilis 2021!

When I was in college, a book called India 2020 by APJ Abdul Kalam was released. I haven’t read the book yet. But the year got stuck in my mind or maybe it was the sheer symmetry of the number. Or like how sometimes certain things get weirdly connected in your brain. Like whenever I … Continue reading Hopefully, a Annus Mirabilis 2021!

New Year’s resolutions – taking a reality check

This was the blog I ought to have written a month ago. But lethargy and inertia beat me down. I would conjure up the energy to write and remove all distractions from my immediate vicinity. Like give kids their favourite toys, switch off notifications, keep my mobile in next room, finish returning calls (especially my … Continue reading New Year’s resolutions – taking a reality check