Small but indispensable

Let me start this story like all stories ought to start with. Once upon a time, long years ago there lived a king. Now, he lived in an amazing palace (like all kings do) with his three beautiful daughters. The king loved his daughters dearly and gave them all the love and all the riches … Continue reading Small but indispensable

Maharashtra Nature’s Park, Dharavi, Mumbai

Maharashtra Nature's Park in Mahim is one of those places that is tucked away from the eyes of many of us. This site is a 37 acre green patch abutting the ever polluted Mithi ("sweet") River. Its located on the Sion Bandra Link Road, opposite Dharavi Bus Depot. This was initially called Mahim Nature Park … Continue reading Maharashtra Nature’s Park, Dharavi, Mumbai

Pherozeshah Mehta Garden or Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Garden is popularly known as Hanging garden. I think the word hanging signifies its geographical characteristic of being located atop the Malabar Hill. It almost feels like you are walking in an elevated park and all the surrounding towers seem to be at par with you. This is an extremely well kept … Continue reading Pherozeshah Mehta Garden or Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Amarsons Garden, Breach Candy, Mumbai

This is probably the best maintained garden in Mumbai. It is situated in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city. This area including the adjacent Tata gardens were originally a construction dumpyard. Cranes, trucks and bulldozers were abandoned in these places. This entire garden is commonly known as the Amarsons garden, though the … Continue reading Amarsons Garden, Breach Candy, Mumbai