New Beginnings!

Howdy people! One more year gone. A year that ended well with lots of new beginnings!

Last year environmental consciousness pushed me to do more. Composting and recycling plastics weren’t enough. I had been contemplating for a while but this year I made the switch to using menstrual cup. Stopped using shower heads in the bath and I now use only a pail of water for bathing. 

But the highlight of this year was our effort along with fellow parents from my childrens’ school that has culminated in starting our own school. This new school will provide complete freedom to children to chart their own path of learning. 

Last year the thing that I stuck to was my fitness routine which I ardently followed least three times a week. Starting the week with yoga + stretching, then I ran 5k midweek and ended with an intense cardio workout. This has tremendously helped me build excellent stamina.  

Few of the not so very proud things that I have done this year. Losing patience with my 8 yr old daughter?! I am not very happy about how I handle the situation sometimes. Primarily because now I think I have had enough and deserve a break to do things for myself.  

Secondly I guess I have become very edgy too. I am losing patience and have become very intolerant towards mediocre work and display of foolery. My sharp criticism sometimes is not received well. I realise its the way I put it too. I need to change that!

This is also the year that I turn 40. So I have great expectations from myself. Life begins at 40, some say!  Some of the things that I have noted here for myself in this year:

  1. Wake up @5 am
  2. Read. 20 books
  3. Write. Petitions, research papers, blogs
  4. Walk+Run. 2000 km
  5. Eat. More millet, protein
  6. Sleep. @10 pm
  7. Learn. Meditation
  8. Make. Videos
  9. Start. Carpooling
  10. Grow. Food


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