Black and White

I haven’t picked my side yet, but I will have to. This is a very peculiar phase in one’s life. Some of you would have been here, if not already, in a while you will one day. All of sudden you find yourself on the other side but feel cheated because no one told you in the first place. The more I think about it the more I observe it in people around me. My house maid, most of my colleagues, few my aunts, friends, acquaintances, all of them do it. But the common denominator is that they are all women. Men flaunt and women hide it.
Recently my mother had come to stay over. She happened to notice my ever casual attitude in this regard and it greatly perturbed her. Even at the slightest mention, I would be on guard. She had expected this reaction but it made me introspect. So I took a long look at myself in the mirror and found the evidence. I was ageing and rounding off to forty. There was no going back. We are all ageing to die one day. My heart sank, only when I was about to get things right in life, now I can’t look the same. I assured myself it’s post partum, erosion of calcium, lack of B12, D3, pollution, stress, blah blah… But there is no fooling oneself. The clock is ticking and its showing on my face. After a while I started side parting my hair, stuffing the silvery strands behind the blacks but it was only a temporary relief. Nothing seemed to work and I was under attack with vengeance. So I insisted it was the growing wisdom. Well the truth of which was self evident to people around me.
Anyhow, I noticed that men hardly care. Despite the ease of it compared to women, they look least bothered. And of course they have Richard Gere, George Clooney, Milind Somans to look forward to. Women have no one. None in Bollywood or media. There are many successful women in business but there’s hardly anyone gutsy enough to flaunt it. When it comes to women success is directly related with the way you look. In some marketing research, they figured out that 85% of American women colour their hair. They find that it affects their confidence level and how they are accepted among their colleagues. Mother of a friend of mine, used to dye her hair for ages and recently gave up. She says, “You can’t imagine, what a relief this is! I have decided to go grey with dignity.”
Even though gradually I hope find peace with the whites. Isn’t that the beauty of it…everything is very gradual on the time scale.

One thought on “Black and White

  1. I hear you, Rajitha. I am going to pick a side in sometime and I think it’s going to involve more visits to the parlour for another 20 years until I become sane again.

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